NSG 9 badge Rietitag


Map of part of Central Italy showing the main places mentioned in this account.



Airfield occupied by I./SG 4 during April 1944 and the target of a number of attacks by Allied aircraft.


Base of the Kittyhawk squadrons of No. 239 Wing RAF including Nos. 112 and 250.


SG 4's target on the afternoon of 7 April 1944.


From the German 334. Infanterie Division, 2230 hours, 5 April 1944:

In a conversation with IA [Operations Officer] of FANAL [code name of Fliegerführer Luftflotte 2] PX5A [map reference for Palombaro] is reported as a fighter-bomber target, being a concentraion point for supplies and enemy assembling. Slight air defence is probably in the target area. Heavy AA battery in area QX5C since yesterday.


SG 4 attacked vehicle concentrations here on the morning of 20 April 1944.