These pages contain various additions, updates and corrections to my book Ghost Bombers, the Moonlight War of NSG 9: Luftwaffe Night Attack Operations from Anzio to the Alps (Classic Publications Ltd., Crowborough, 2001: ISBN 1 903223 15 6)

This is a bit of after-sales service to the people who've bought the book and all the items here are cross-referenced to its chapters and page numbers.

So that the navigation bar on the left didn't end up too big, new material relating to the sections between the chapters is treated as part of the chapter that each one follows in the book.

There's something for most chapters but not all. If I find new material in the future, then of course I'll include it.

I've mostly omitted anything about the context. That's deliberate. You might find some of the people and events described here interesting in themselves but without the book you won't know how they fit into the overall picture. If you're sufficiently intrigued, you'll buy a copy.

Ghost Bombers is still obtainable from online book sellers.

You can read a review of the book via this link.

Nick Beale

November 2004–September 2020

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