Operations Record Book of No. 249 Squadron RAF

26 May 1944: offensive patrol, 12.00 -13.45 hours

Spitfire VC
Spitfire VC
Spitfire VC
Spitfire VC
Spitfire VC
Spitfire VC

EF 720
JK 678
JK 101
JK 450
ES 299
JL 220

S/L D.A.S. Colvin
Lt. R.T. Whittingham (SAAF)
F/O D. Sinclair (Canadian)
F.O. J.H. Hingston
F/O P. Quine
W/O A.G. Bowman

Airborne VIS and landed VIS. Patrol in aid of Partisan operations. 6 Spitfires of 249 Squadron on patrol crossed coast at ROGOZNICA, round back of SIBENSIKA to near OBROVAC and then to RIPAC where they patrolled East to West

Red IV F/O Hingston sighted two Henschel 126's airborne. Whole formation gave chase but Red IV was the only one to fire at first aircraft which Red I saw crash into a hillside, nobody bailing out.

The second Henschel 126 turned back and was chased by Red 1, who gave him a long burst. Hits seen on trees all round the enemy but no hits observed. The whole formation now chased the Henschel for about ten minutes, making many attacks and scoring many bursts. Eventually Red II (Lt. Whittingham) fired a final burst and the Henschel crashed, nobody baling out.

Red III (F/O Sinclair) saw 3 more Henschel 126's airborne and fired at the rear aircraft. When last seen by Red 1 this Henschel was on its back in a nose down attitude about 100 feet from the ground. Red I saw no actual crash but reports that the enemy could not have pulled out. This aircraft is therefore claimed destroyed.

The remaining 2 Henschels were chased by the whole formation. Red VI (W/O Bowman) fired at one and was followed by Red I, II and V. Red VI then closed to 50 yards firing and still closing. One airman was seen to bale out, then wing broke away from the aircraft which was falling to the ground. All enemy aircraft were flying close to the hillsides.

A column of approximately 60 M.T. were seen on road South East RIPOC in what had been briefed as a "safe area." Column not attacked.

Source: PRO AIR 27/1499 (all place names spelled as in the original document)


Situation reports for 26 May 1944

Coastal Air Force

Day 26: ...13 Spits offensive sweep BIHAC had direct hit on barracks. 4 JU87s destroyed, 11 damaged. 2 Macchis, 1 HS126 on BIHAC L/G. 1 Spit missing. 18 Spits on fighter sweep of BIHAC claim 5 HS126 destroyed 3 damaged combat. 2 M.T. destroyed 34 damaged.

Ground situation

BALKANS. Partisans have succeeded in holding their position against paratroopers DRVAR area (WP93), JU87 have attacked Partisan Headquarters. Bad weather hindered air operations in supporting the Partisans, but 242 Group destroyed 2 E/A and 13 M.T. in BIHAC area.

Source: MATAF Int/Opsum No. 412 (all spellings as in the original document)


Flughafenbereichskommando Agram (Airfiled Region Command Zagreb)

26/5 Bihac reports: at about 1700/26//5 [GMT] 6 Spitfires aprroached area north of Bihac. 1 Hs 126 was shot down near KRAJLE (UMA) as it approached. Pilot rescued.

NSG 7 in May 1944

Two decrypted German signals:

KV 4392

NSG 7 using Italian 50 kg bombs on CR.42 (4456 on hand on 17th) and AB 36 on He 46 (Zara Detachment).

KV 5693

Strength according NSG 7 evening 25th. Not known if total or serviceable:



2 Ju 87

2 crews



9 He 46

9 crews



15 CR.42

13 pilots