Extensive additions to Listening and Jamming: June 1943–August 1944, including statements from German prisoners about Kdo. Rastedter and some information about the Kettenhund jamming transmitter.

Markings and camouflage: additions about Mediterranean theatre markings in December 1941 (thanks to Daniele Righi) and the emblem of 1.(F)/121.

Geschwader Bongart: more about Luftwaffe intervention in the Battle of Estang, as seen by Lt. Col. George Starr.

Jagdgruppe 200: additions regarding operations on 18, 23 and 29 June 1944 (thanks to Jochen Prien).

I./JG 4 heads home: addition of a pilot's name and correction of another (thanks to 12 o'Clock High Forum members RolandF and RT).

Minor layout and spelling corrections.



This year's additions and corrections to this site are listed opposite, with the most recent at the top.

As ever, these won't appear to a schedule: this isn't a job, I'm doing it for fun.

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